Krishi India Expo
20 - 22 AUGUST 2018
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Krishi India

Krishi India Expo

Welcome to Krishi India Expo

Krishi India expo empowers the rural poor. The expo strives to privilege small and marginal farmers who should be treated with dignity and respect for their sustainable advancement.

Krishi India supports small and marginal farmers who struggle for survival in India, and have been poor for centuries. The National Sample Survey Office data reveals that 33% of all farm households have less than 0.4 hectares of land. About 50% of agricultural households are indebted. The agriculture census shows the total number of operational holdings in India numbered 138.35 million with an average size of 1.15 hectares. Of the total holdings, 85% are in small and marginal farm categories of less than 2 hectares.

With a land share of just 44%, small and marginal farms are the main providers of food and nutritional security to the nation, but have limited access to technology, inputs, credit, capital and markets. Small and marginal farmers have low marketable surplus and profit, though their productivity is higher compared with large-sized holdings.

To maximize the productivity and net farm income on a sustainable basis, it is essential to develop strategies and agricultural technologies that enable adequate employment and income generation, especially for small and marginal holders, who constitute the vast majority of the farming community.

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    Exhibitor Profile

    • Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
    • Agriculture Insurance
    • Agro & Food Processing
    • Agro Quality safety & Testing Lab
    • Crop cleaning, Weighing & Grading Equipment
    • Crop Management, Drying, Storage, Transportation & Handling equipment
    • Crop Sorter, Separator & Packaging Equipment
    • Digital Pathways
    • Farm Equipment & Farm land Management
    • Food Certifying Agencies
    • Generator, Genset
    • IT - Agro, Logistic, Supply Chain Software & hardware
    • Modelling, Hand Tools & Spare Parts

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    Visitor Profile

    • Academia & students
    • Agriculturists
    • Analysts
    • Beauticians
    • Biotech and allied agencies
    • Business associates
    • Channel partners
    • Chemists & bio-chemists
    • Doctors
    • Exporters
    • Health trainers
    • Hospitality industry
    • Investment community
    • Manufacturers


Marketing Profile

Agriculture plays a pivotal role in the Indian economy.
Its contribution to India's GDP is around 16%, and
provides employment to 56% of the workforce.
Agriculture provides food security to the majority
of the population in the country, and is
an inclusive growth sector for the Indian economy.

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